2 in 1 Kitchen Knife Vegetable Food Cutter

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Do You Know The Secret To Flawless Food Chopping?  Find Out What You’ve Been Missing!


This clever professional style knife and combination cutting board slices and chops your favourite meal in seconds!  The secret to the 2 in 1 ergonomic powerful pressure handle is the design which gives you effortless food cutting performance.  The premium steel blade, smartly styled built-in cutting board and extra wide mouth makes cutting veggies, meats and fruits faster, easier and mess free for the eventual cleanup.  Cut greens, vegetables and other products right into the pan, bowl or frying pan quickly and easily.

  • a food chopper
  • a food scissors
  • a vegetable slicer
  • a fruit cutter
  • a cutting board
  • locking feature for safe storage
  • dishwasher safe
  • stainless steel and high quality cutting board plastic