Fruit Infusion Water Bottle

  • $14.95
  • Save $12

Finally, Enjoy the Benefits of Using a Real, Effective, Authentic Fruit Infusion Water bottle

This is the one that is a fruit squeezer in a juice bottle.  Don’t get the ones that have water passing over the fruit, enjoy the real infuser with juice in the water for a drink that really refreshes.  My favourite is lemon with orange close behind.  This, the modern style of infusing, that is making part of the bottle a squeezer, now gives you continued freshness and energy on those  great warm (hot) days’ running.  You'll be inspired to drink more water...the easiest way to stay slim, healthy, and energized.

  • 100% BPA free
  • highest quality impact-resistant Triton plastic
  • Chic on-the-go carry handle
  • Superior design holds the perfect proportion of fruit and water
  • ECO friendly
  • Water flow; direct drinking