Manual Hand Mill Coffee Grinder

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  • Save $16

Had enough of instant coffee and its chemical additives?  As a true coffee lover, you know hand-grinding fresh coffee keeps the beans' original flavor and produces a top-quality cup. This simple, compact, quality tool, will make true ground coffee every day and spell the end to those unhealthy additives.

You will be using a, never rust, ceramic burr which preserves the natural flavor of the beans giving that fresh taste quality we love.  Add to this, the adjustable screw, enabling you to get the fineness you enjoy.  Just remember not to fully tighten the screw.  Now, sit back and enjoy a great cuppa to your exact taste!

  • Manual Coffee Grinder : Burr Coffee Maker
  • Type: Burr Grinders (Flat Wheel)
  • Housing Material: Stainless Steel
  • Power Source: Manual